COFFE Bridges

COFFE Bridges is a cross-chain bridge infrastructure that connects the most popular blockchains - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Polygon(MATIC). Currently, the blockchains Litecoin, Cordano, Solana and etc are in the stage of connection. Bridges are built on atomic swap technology on the principle of maximum decentralization. The essence of the technology is smart contracts deployed in the COFFE Multichain network, which manage wallets on the side of correspondent blockchains. When an asset is received on the wallet, the corresponding amount of this token is issued in the COFFE Multichain and sent to the recipient's address. When withdrawing, the tokens in the COFFE Multichain are burned, and the corresponding amount is sent from the hot wallet to the recipient.

To match the recipient in the COFFE Multichain with other networks, addresses are created for each user, which can be viewed in the explorer on the user's account The system stores the private keys of these addresses, since the system collects all funds received there to a hot wallet, from which transactions are carried out during withdrawal. The user owns the private key from the COFFE account, to which the tokens issued in the COFFE Multichain are received upon entering. The number of tokens on the COFFE Multichain always matches the number of tokens on the hot bridge wallets.

For the transfer of worth between networks, there are Multi-Assets that are issued at once in all networks and with the help of bridges can transfer worth between networks.

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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021