How does COFFEmask work?

COFFEmask is the official client of COFFE Multichain, a high-performance blockchain that is linked by bridge architecture to other circuits. COFFEmask is not a cloud solution, your private keys, passwords and other credentials are not tracked on any servers. This means that no one can restore, change or delete your credentials. Accordingly, the approach to security issues should be based on the above.

If your device is broken, lost, stolen, or corrupted, the COFFEmask support team will not be able to restore your wallet access. Restoring access to the management of your funds lies only with you. There are two ways to do this - the secret phrase that the user receives when registering the wallet and the private key of your wallet. The secret phrase is 12 words in English, which are convenient to remember or write down on paper, the private key is a set of alphanumeric characters in the Latin alphabet, which is not so convenient to memorize or write down. Be extremely careful and careful when saving the passphrase and / or private key, as any mistake can lead to irreversible loss of funds.

The main goal of COFFEmask is to create the most secure, decentralized and multi-network software in order to minimize the risks of losing funds for users. Most of the cases of loss of funds in recent years are associated with an insufficiently serious attitude of users to security issues. People give their passphrases or private keys to scammers, after which they lose their savings.

COFFEMask is a user account in COFFE Multichain to which you can deposit various digital currencies from networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, Tron, Poligon (MATIC), which cannot be interfered with by regulators, other government agencies, commercial entities or any other persons. COFFEMask is also a decentralized wallet that allows you to transfer this currency to supported blockchains, exchange tokens of the above networks to diversify your portfolio and hedge risks even more - all without the need to transfer any personal data.

There are several big advantages to using the COFFEmask digital wallet:

  1. no institution or attacker can break into your account to steal or prevent access to your funds;

  2. no counterparty with whom you transact through COFFEmask can access your personal data, other than those that you yourself disclose;

  3. you do not have to transfer any personal data to transfer funds from one network to another;

  4. all your funds in the COFFEmask wallet are fully, 100% secured with the corresponding funds in the respective networks;

  5. a transaction to any network takes place in a matter of seconds, then the transaction time depends on the time of the transaction in this network;

  6. the decentralized exchange integrated into COFFEmask has a minimum commission of 0.1%;

  7. tools integrated into COFFEmask DeFi allow you to get high profits without leaving your wallet;

  8. COFFEmask supports all applications on COFFE Multichain, allowing you to log in, make transactions and actions in any COFFE Multichain smart contracts.

Since the COFFEmask wallet is decentralized, the responsibility for its security rests entirely with you. Control over your wallet belongs to the holder of the COFFE Multichain private key, which means you.


We are confident that every user should be aware of what security threats may exist when working with the COFFEmask wallet. Therefore, we provide you with a detailed list of possible threats:

1.the biggest danger is posed by attacks on the COFFEmask wallet Such attacks are carried out using virus software on your computer. The purpose of the attacks is to obtain the user's private key, but since it is stored in a password-encrypted form, the longer and more complex the password you have invented, the lower the risk of losing funds as a result of such attacks. Another serious threat is posed by so-called tracking software or keyloggers. These programs monitor keystrokes on the keyboard and send data to attackers. If attackers have already obtained your private key using viruses, they will receive a password, which means access to your account. You can protect yourself from such programs using antivirus that is updated in a timely manner. These risks are inherent in any software on your computer, under the threat not only of COFFEmask, but also any other software, including financial or banking.

Recommendations: We recommend all COFFEmask wallet users to use long and complex passwords to access the wallet. Install and regularly update antivirus software. Do not enter passwords near CCTV cameras, unauthorized persons, or in public places.

2.Attacks on COFFE Multichain infrastructure During the period of operation of the COFFE Multichain network (more than two years), the network infrastructure has withstood thousands of different attacks. The most dangerous of them are dDoS attacks, which cause denial of service to clients due to network congestion with requests from the so-called botnet. A botnet is a network of computers and servers infected with a special virus that create thousands of requests to the server that is the target of the attack. To protect against such threats, there is specialized software that was provided to us by our partner, the Dutch company WorldStrem, on whose servers we placed the infrastructure susceptible to attacks. Also, the infrastructure of bridging is always at risk, which is responsible for all the liquidity located in the hot wallets of various networks. We will not go into the details of the bridge security system, so as not to make the task easier for attackers, but we will assure users that this system is built reliably and all means are protected.

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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021