COFFE Multichain

The blockchain technology was introduced in 2008 on the example of the bitcoin blockchain, at first it did not give mass implementation in different sectors of the economy, but entrepreneurs and developers focused on scaling the technology and developing alternative solutions that meet their needs.

High fees and restrictions imposed by the needs for computing power prevented the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and its adaptation to the needs of the community. COFFE Multichain is a branch of the EOS platform which uses its own unique RpoS (Random proof of stake) consensus algorithm. COFFE Multichain has a CFF token issued in the COFFE Multichain blockchain.

Given the current problems in the EOS MainNet network, it becomes obvious that for the stable operation of the business, there must be a different network financial model that is not affected by large capitals. The dPoS network consensus, in fact, any algorithm of the POS family, has shown its vulnerability in practice. In fact, a group with a capital of more than 50% of the network's coins captures the network and becomes the center of this network, that is, de facto, the network ceases to be decentralized.

The COFFE Multichain project proposes to change both the financial and economic model of the blockchain and the network consensus algorithm to an algorithm that can eliminate this vulnerability.

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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021