Management is the process by which consensus is reached on subjective issues that cannot be fully covered by software algorithms. COFFE Multichain implements a management process that effectively manages the existing influence of block producers. The lack of a clearly defined management process in previous blockchains as well as relying on special, informal and often contradictory management processes leads to unpredictable results.

Voting by delegating votes (tokens) to block producers leads to the centralization of the network.

COFFE Multichain recognizes that network management comes from block producers as the underlying network infrastructure. Block producers are given limited and verifiable powers to change system smart contracts, network fees, freeze accounts, update defective applications and make proposals for hard forks in the base protocol. The decision is made by a general vote of the block producers.

Nodes that have been in the confirmed status of a block producer for at least one month have the right to participate in the voting. The node confirms the status of the block producer immediately after receiving this status and the production of a series of blocks, if the production took place in the normal mode, block skips are not allowed. This process will allow to exclude specially created nodes from voting and prevent attacks on the network.

Freezing of accounts

Sometimes a smart contract behaves in an abnormal and unpredictable way and does not fulfill its purpose. In other cases, an application or account may find a vulnerability that will allow it to consume too many network resources. In the event of an imminent occurrence of such problems, the block producers have the power to resolve such situations.

Block producers in all blockchains have the right to choose which transactions are included in the blocks which gives them the opportunity to freeze accounts. The blockchain based on the COFFE Multichain software formalizes this influence by offering an account freezing process in the presence of 51% of the votes of active producers with a confirmed status. If the producers abuse their power, they can be eliminated by repeated voting and the account will be unfrozen.

Changing the account code

When everything else fails and the "unstoppable application" continues to act in an unpredictable manner, the blockchain on the COFFE Multichain software allows block producers to replace the account code without a hard-fork of the entire blockchain. Similar to the account freezing process, this code replacement requires 51% of eligible block producers to vote.

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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021