Requirements for applications on the blockchain

For the mass use of blockchain applications, a universal platform is needed that meets the following requirements:

Multi-user support

Market leaders such as Amazon, AirBnB and Facebook today need blockchain solutions that allow them to serve millions of active users every day, and therefore a platform that can cope with a massive number of users is extremely in demand.

Low and predictable fee

One of the common problems of blockchains is the unpredictability of fees or the cost of resources. It is extremely difficult for a business to adapt to the constantly changing cost of transactions. The unpredictability of the cost of settlements between business and customers leads to large business losses. Our task is to ensure low and predictable fees in the network.

The ability to easily update and restore after failures

Every software, except the trivial one, contains errors even after thorough checks and tests. It is necessary that the platform should be able to promptly cope with the problems that are inevitable in the course of its operation.

Response speed

For ease of use, stable feedback is necessary with a minimum delay of no more than a few seconds, which will allow applications that are not based on the blockchain to compete.

Sequential performance

Some applications cannot implement parallel algorithms due to the presence of sequentially dependent steps. For example, stock exchange applications must provide sufficient sequential computing performance to maintain high [trading] volumes. Therefore, the developed platform should have high performance of sequential calculations.

Parallel performance

Large-scale applications need to distribute the load across multiple processors and computers.

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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021