Token model

Fee in the network

The changes we have made have affected not only the block producers but also the payment system for transactions and actions in the network. There is no Stake for resources in COFFE Multichain since there is a real danger of monopolization of resources by large token holders to increase the cost of resources in the network which can lead to a complete blockage of the network and the inability of business to work. Stable and reasonable fees will also be introduced regulated by the voting of block producers.

Business pays

Traditionally, it is the business that pays for office space, computing power and other costs necessary for its work. The customer buys certain products from the business and the revenue from sales of this product is used to cover the costs of the business. Similarly, the website does not oblige its visitors to make micropayments for visiting this website in order to cover the hosting costs. Therefore, decentralized applications should not force their customers to pay directly to the blockchain for its use.

The COFFE Multichain software is created in such a way that the customer pays a fee only for token transactions, the fee for other actions is charged from smart contracts - that is, from the business. When creating a smart contract, a business on the network, developers should consider this circumstance. When introducing fees in the network, all user actions (Actions) will be paid from the balance of the smart contract.

Block reward

Each block producer has the right to receive a reward for each block produced by the system during the entire period of issuance of CFF system tokens, in accordance with the current block production reward. Block production rewards are reduced by 10% annually for 30 years from system launch. At the end of the token release, the block production reward will be made from funds paid by users as network fees.

Token emission

  • Total token Supply: 20 000 000 000 CFF

At the time of writing

  • Circulating Supply: 1 395 534 177 CFF
  • Total Supply: 19 999 075 753 CFF
  • Token Holders: 125 438

All relevant information on the token is available in the explorer


Binance Smart Chain

To provide liquidity, BSC issued a CFF token with a total volume of 20,000,000,000 CFF. The part of the issue not issued in the COFFE Multichain network is frozen in wallets until the dates indicated below:

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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021