Useful applications for the community

We finance applications that are useful for the community including a decentralized stock exchange where there are no fees for transactions. The community has the right to exchange some coins of the ecosystem for others without fees since they pay for transactions on the network, thereby financing the development of the network. One of the most important areas of our activity is development aimed at demonstrating the capabilities of the network. High-performance applications, the most popular of which are games, allow to demonstrate the network from the best side.

A clear demonstration of the network's capabilities is the WarDefi project, the world's first full-fledged crypto-shooter with its own economic model, which is an independent DeFi project that allows to unite not only players around the game but also open new opportunities for investors. And give players of any skill level the opportunity to make a profit from the gameplay and investment in the game.

We finance the development of plugins and examples of interaction of the most popular game engines with COFFE Multichain. Currently, we have prepared examples for working with JavaScript, Unity, Unreal Engine 4. Together with the Unreal Engine development team, we are developing examples of using virtual reality technology together with COFFE Multichain.

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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021