AVi (Alternative Vision) is an open, social and sustainable virtual reality world based on blockchain technology, where everyone has the opportunity to buy land, build or import objects, use avatars and scripts, and easily monetize their experience. Provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in a whole new world of e-commerce, communication, entertainment and housing. The platform, as the main simulation zone, integrating the zones of other VR product developers.

Virtual reality today makes it possible to accurately track your location in space and minimizes the line between you and the simulation. The hardware has improved dramatically, with more sophisticated headsets at affordable prices, tactile suits, finger and eye tracking, and even VR motion platforms that allow you to walk in virtual reality from the comfort of your home.

Our vision is to build a brand new user-generated virtual environment that offers a rich addition to reality. It will be filled with exciting new possibilities that can be explored by thousands of people at the same time. Built as a cross-platform world, AVi, from smartphone apps to desktop virtual reality, allows people to experience an ever-expanding, seamless world. Combined with the global blockchain economy, it provides the next step towards a true Metaverse experience.

Business Benefits

Reality opportunities for business range from improving the quality of education to reducing and accelerating product development and time to market. The main benefits that virtual reality can offer to organizations are in training employees and testing procedures, including simulating real-world conditions and even high-risk conditions. For example, the military uses virtual reality to train soldiers in skydiving and bomb disposal. By uniting teams from anywhere in the world in a single virtual space, reality technology can also speed up the product development process. Development teams quickly research, test, and evaluate concepts without investing in physical prototyping. This potentially enables organizations to bring higher quality products to market faster. Automakers are using virtual reality to reduce the time between initial development and physical simulation from weeks to days. Many companies are beginning to understand what opportunities are opening up to generate new revenue and increase sales. Using this technology to create new experiences and new products. New streams are also available from companies developing services and technologies of the proposed reality. Backed by a strong business case, the practice can also help a company position itself as an innovative and cutting edge enterprise in the industry. In turn, this approach is to attract business partners, investments or highly qualified specialists. At a time when competition for professionals, especially in the technology field, is intensifying, organizations will have the opportunity to increase their attractiveness by demonstrating a progressive approach.

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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021