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The Crypto Heroes game was launched in 2020, during which time it has gone through three successful seasons. The most successful was the 3rd season of the game, which attracted more than 5000 players. In July 2021, at the end of the season, 22 ETH rewards were paid, which at the time of payments amounted to more than USD 60,000.

For more than 2 months, the game was the first in the dapp.com rating among games, it was also in the top among all applications for social activity.


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Introducing Season 4 of the game, which should become even more popular.


To pump heroes, you need to send them on adventures. The game features 20 heroes and 5 levels of their rarity. To develop and activate heroes, souls are required, which the player can purchase in the game for CHT or on the marketplace from other players. The higher the rarity of the hero, the more souls it will take to summon him and the more difficult it will be to get them.

Sending heroes on adventures for CHT tokens, 90% of this amount goes to the prize pool. Adventures have 4 levels of rarity, depending on which heroes receive more rewards: heroes 'souls, mounts' souls, and item parts. And also the more heroes are sent on the adventure, the more rewards will be.


By default, each new player is given 1 hero. In order to participate in pvp, you must summon at least 3 heroes. After choosing 3 heroes, you can enter the arena, where you will be asked to fight with one of the players close to your rating. If you win, your ranking position with that player will change.

When choosing one of the opponents, the player will be shown the characteristics of the enemy heroes with the used items and mounts. The battle is calculated by the Unreal Engine 4 server and is issued to the player in the battle view mode.

Battle statistics are recorded on the server and can be viewed by battle ID. The ID and results of the battle are recorded on the blockchain.


Each hero has his own abilities. With the help of the essence obtained in adventures, the player can increase the level of the hero. For each level increase, one of the abilities can be improved. The player chooses at his own discretion what to improve. The maximum level of a hero is level 100.


In total, the game features 25 items and 5 different quality levels. The higher the level of the item, the more it improves the characteristics of your character. In order to make an item, you need to collect its parts, which can be obtained in adventures or bought from other players on the market. Items can be improved by evolution, for this you need a certain number of parts of this item. Evolution enhances the effect of improving the item. There are 5 levels of item evolution (5 stars). Each item can only be used by one hero.

  • 25 items
  • 5 quality levels
  • 5 levels of item evolution (5 stars)


Mounts are special creatures. They also have a rarity level. There are 5 different mounts in the game. The mount can be used by multiple heroes. Items and mounts increase the abilities of the heroes. To summon mounts, you need to collect a certain number of mounts 'souls', which drop in adventures or can be bought from other players in the market. Mounts can be upgraded. The evolution of mounts also requires a certain number of mount souls. In total, there are 5 levels of their evolution (5 stars).

Pay Play Earn (PPE)

This season, the game is moving to the Pay-Play-Earn (PPE) economic model. This transition is intended to minimize the influence of bots on the outcome of the game. Now it doesn't matter if your actions are automated or not, they all require payment. This means that every user action increases the game pool. Adventure time has been increased, and now it is possible to send heroes on several adventures at once. It also minimizes the benefits of automatic accounts.

The experience of the crypto games industry over these 2 years, as well as our own experience of the previous seasons of the Cryptoheroes game, has shown the failure of any models with the Free to Play mechanics. Automation of game actions through bots helps free to play players to dishonestly influence the results of the game.

This economic model allows players to use automation. Since in-game actions will be paid, players with bots will not receive tangible benefits. For players, a system of buying several actions in a row will be introduced, which will negate the advantage of bots.

Stake CHT

You don't have to install the game and play it for profit. The smart contract of the game allows you to use the CHT steak without installing the game. 15% of the game's prize pool will be split between holders of the CHT token in the bet. You can buy CHT at COFFEmask where they are linked to CFF.

Key Metrics

In the first season, the players distributed the profit of $ 1000, in the second season it was already $ 3000, and the third season began to gain popularity and the players shared the prize pool of more than $ 60,000.

According to official data from Dapp.com, CryptoHeroes 3 achieved the following metrics:


Total: 5743 (255 days) ATH: 1088 (May 31, 2021)

Players donate

Total: 13694.153 (255 days) ATH: 2990.4 (Apr 2, 2021)

Token CHT

This season, there was a transition from the CHTC token to the CHT token. The total emission has been reduced by 100 times, so the exchange was available for holders of the CHTC token to CHT. Now all in-game purchases will be made with CHT tokens, the in-game market will also be available only in CHT token.

The CHT token will eventually be available on all networks supported by the COFFE Multichain Bridge. The token exchange will be available directly in the COFFEmask wallet.

Formation of the prize pool

  • The starting prize pool will be $ 10,000 in CHT token.
  • For any purchases in the game, 95% goes to the prize pool. 4% game commission, 1% distributed to CFF holders in a stake.
  • Sales of hero souls, soul mounts and parts of items between players are subject to a 5% commission, which is completely transferred to the prize pool.
  • The prize pool is accumulated on the ch.prizepool account

Prize pool distribution

  • A token stake will be added to distribute part of the prize pool. 15% of the total prize pool will be distributed to holders of the CHT token in the stake.
  • 15% of the total prize pool will be distributed among holders of 100 NFT tokens.
  • 70% of the prize pool will be distributed among the Top 100 Winners of the Season


  • 1 Dec, 2019 Launch of the first season
  • 2 Nov, 2020 Launch of the second season. $ 2000 starting prize pool
  • 1 Jan, 2021 Issue of NFT dividends
  • 28 Jan, 2021 Launch of the third season. $ 10,000 starting pool
  • 29 Jun, 2021 End of season 3. Players split over $ 60,000 in prize money
  • 2022 start of season 4. $ 10000 starting prize pool.
  • 2022 2Q season 5 launch.
  • 2022 4Q NFT game items, mounts, heroes.
  • 2023 1Q Season 6 Launch.
  • 2022-2024 development and launch of moba VR beta
  • 2025-2026 launch of moba VR release based on COFFE AVI VR METAVERSE


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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021