Use CryptoHeroes

Download the COFFEmask wallet, install it and create an account on the COFFE network by clicking the registration button. If you already have an account on the network, you can restore it using the private key by clicking the import button. If you have any problems, please refer to Using a wallet COFFEmask

Download the game, unzip and run CryptoHeroes.exe. Download CryptoHeroes

You can use the keyboard shortcut alt + enter to switch to windowed mode. You can enter the game in two ways: using the Smart wallet in the Telegram messenger or the COFFEmask wallet. Enter your account name and click on the button for the wallet you want to use. Enter your account

Confirm entry to the game with your wallet. Signup

The first time you log into the game, the "signup" action is launched. You also need to confirm it with your wallet. Confirm entry

After confirmation, you can watch the action on your account in the explorer. Watch the action in the explorer

After entering the game you will see a screen with heroes. By default, 1 hero is available to you. Heroes

The game has an economic model of Pay Play Earn. What does it mean? The user makes purchases in the game for the CHT token. Tokens go to the general distribution pool. The top 100 players of the season share the prize pool. Part of the pool is received by holders of the CHT token. Why did we refuse players who want to play for free? For the current day, a variety of games that you can play for free are enough. Yes, part of the audience will be lost, but our new pay play model also earns a number of advantages. Firstly, everyone carries money through those who carry money, that is, it did not arise when a person enters with zero and takes most of the pool out of the game. Secondly, every user action is an influx of new money into the pool. Thirdly, bots cannot get an advantage over live players, this is very important for economic games, that is, regardless of whether a person is playing or a person's accounts are on an equal footing.

Summon of heroes

To summon heroes, you need hero souls. Go to the “Summon” tab.

There are 5 options for buying the souls of heroes. The more expensive the package, the more powerful heroes you can get. Summon

Confirm your purchase in your wallet. Confirm purchase

You will see a notification about the transaction. Notification transaction

Now you can watch it in the explorer. Summon

If you open the transaction, you can see that the funds for the purchase are automatically distributed among the pools. Watch the transaction

In the game you will see the result of the contract. When you have bought enough packages go to the “heroes” tab. Heroes

In the upper right corner of each hero, you see the number of souls that you have. Heroes

Click on the hero who has souls. To summon a hero, press the "summon" button. Heroes

Confirm the call action in the wallet. Confirm

The summoned heroes are highlighted. Confirm

Now let's look at the evolution of the hero

In the lower right corner there is an “evolution” button. Souls 124/20 means you have 124 hero souls, and it takes 20 hero souls to evolve. Confirm

Confirm wallet evolution action. Confirm

An asterisk appeared in the lower right corner and on the portrait of the hero. There are 5 levels of evolution in total (5 stars). For each level of evolution, the hero will receive an increase in his skills, as well as bring more essence in adventures. Confirm

Hero pumping

Click a second time on the selected hero. You will be taken to the hero menu. Confirm

The abilities tab contains the hero's skills. Each hero has 5 skills that you can pump as you wish. To upgrade a hero, you need an essence. To get the essence of the hero, you need to send on an adventure. Go back using the back button.


Go to the “adventure” tab Confirm

There are 4 rarities of adventures. The higher the adventure rarity, the higher the reward. Select the rarity. On the right, you can change the number of adventures using the "+" and "-" buttons. When you press the "adventure" button, you will send the heroes on adventures. Consider the fact that the adventure takes time. The next time you can send the heroes on adventures only after this time has passed.

Confirm Send on Adventure Action with Wallet Confirm

In the game you will see the received awards. Click “Get Souls”. Confirm

Now the “adventure” button is disabled during the adventure. Confirm

Go to the “heroes” tab and enter the hero menu.

Now the player has 21,000 essences that can be spent on improving the skills of the hero. The more heroes you have summoned, the more essence they get in their adventures. Click the "+" button next to the skill you want to improve. Confirm

Confirm the upgrade action in the wallet. Confirm

After improving the opposite to the selected skill, its level increased and its numerical indicators changed. Confirm



The level of the hero has increased. With each level, improving skills costs more essence. The maximum level of the hero is 100. You can independently choose which skills to pump. Confirm


Go to the “items” tab Confirm


Here you will see a list of all available items in the game. To craft an item, you need to have a sufficient number of item parts. The missing parts of the item can be bought on the marketplace from other players. Click "back" and go to the "market" tab Confirm

This is a p2p marketplace. Here players can sell or buy souls of heroes, souls of mounts and parts of items.

Click “items” to see offers from other players. Confirm

Click on the parts of the items you are interested in. Click “buy” to buy. Confirm

Confirm the purchase action in the wallet Confirm

Go back to “heroes” tab> Hero menu> “items”.

There are now enough souls to craft an item. Click on the “create” button Confirm

Confirm the creation action in the wallet Confirm

After creating an item, evolution becomes available to it. Part 509/20 shows how many parts of the item the player has and how many are needed for evolution. Click "evolution" Confirm

Confirm the evolution action in the wallet. Confirm

An asterisk appeared above the item and the numerical characteristics of the item changed. Confirm

The numbers show which skills of the hero will be enhanced if he is equipped with this item. Each item can only be worn by one of the heroes. Confirm

Go to the “abilities” tab

There are 4 slots to the right of the hero's picture. The top slot for the mount and the next 3 for the items. Click on the second slot and click on the item that you want to equip the hero.

Confirm the action in the wallet Confirm

The equipped item will be displayed in the hero slot. Confirm

Go to the “mounts” tab

The game has 5 mounts that enhance the characteristics of the heroes. Mounts can be worn on all heroes. To summon the mount, use the "summon" button. Confirm

Confirm the call action in the wallet Confirm

An evolution button will appear for the summoned mount. The evolution of the mount is carried out in the same way as the evolution of an item or hero. Confirm

Go to the “abilities” tab, click on the first hero slot and select a mount.

Confirm the selection action in the wallet Confirm

The mount icon will be displayed next to the hero. Confirm

In the skills of the skills, values will also appear, which will enhance the hero's mount and items. Confirm

Press the back button to return to the main screen. Go to the "PVP" tab

To participate in the rating of players, you need to assemble a pvp team of your heroes. To do this, you must have at least 3 heroes.

Click on the "+" and select a hero to add to the team. Then press the “select” button in the lower right corner. Confirm

The selected hero will appear on the screen. Do this 2 more times. Confirm

After adding 3 heroes, the "next" button will become active Confirm

Choose an opponent to attack and click “attack” Confirm

The battle of heroes will begin. It takes place in automatic mode, so it does not require the presence of all online players. To speed up the animation of the fight, use the "boost" button Confirm

We wish you victories! As a reminder, the starting pool for Season 4 is $ 10,000.

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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021