Creating an account with CFFswop_bot

To create an account on the network, you must use

Type H> click ACCOUNT

Create an account


Create an account

Read the agreement. By creating an account, you confirm that you accept these terms.

Enter your account name consisting of 12 characters only (valid a..z, 1..5)

Create an account

Congratulations, your account has been created!

Balance view

Type H> press ACCOUNT

View Transaction

Select a network, for example COFFE to view tokens related to the COFFE network, or ETHEREUM to view tokens related to the bridge from the ETHEREUM network.

View Transaction

You will see a list of your balance of all tokens for the selected network in COFFE.

View Transaction


Type command:

#transfer recipient_account_name asset_quantity asset_ticker
#transfer abcdefghigkl 0.387832 ETHC

Receiving tokens to the COFFE account

Upon receipt of any tokens from a user of the COFFE network, you will receive a notification in the following format

Receiving tokens

This transaction can also be checked through the explorer block, for example, for this account:

This example translates 1200 CFF with a message to the recipient (memo) "test"

Receiving tokens

SWAP IN tokens from another network to COFFE

When creating an address in the COFFE network, swap addresses are generated for the account, to which tokens must be transferred from the original networks. When a new bridge is added, this record for accounts is updated. The update process is discredited in time with the help of bridges dapp and is optimized for the use of free processor time in the block, therefore it does not produce a significant load on the network.


For example, to transfer CFF tokens from the TRON network to the COFFE network, you need to send the CFF tokens to the TRC10 address for this account:


A notification will be sent to the telegram wallet:


You can also view this action in the block explorer, for example, for this account:


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Last updated on 31st Dec 2021